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Spring Cleaning: Tips To Keep Your Office Clutter-Free While Keeping Your Sanity


Spring is now upon us, and there is no time like the present to get rid of the clutter that has built up in your office over the past few winter months. Doing a little spring cleaning at the office will not only help clear your mind, but a clutter-free work space has been proven to increase productivity. Having a well-organized, clean work space is also a clear sign to your colleagues that you take pride in your work and are good at what you do. The question is, how can you keep your office clutter-free while still managing to keep your sanity?

  • Set up a simple organization system. Everything needs to have a place or a folder. Set up your desk and office so that it facilitates your work rather than hindering your ability to get your job done. The items you use often should not be tucked away in a drawer or the back of a filing cabinet, but instead should be easily accessible. Even the simplest task of adding a drawer organizer can make your work space more functional.
  • Create a place where new projects, requests, and orders can be placed. This can be a basket, a file, or a letter tray. By setting up a set of stackable letter trays or baskets on your desk, you can have a place to put incoming paperwork which has not yet been read, pending projects or requests which have yet to be answered, and completed projects, signed documents, or other paperwork ready for filing. This one action alone can significantly improve your sanity and can help you find what you need more quickly rather than sorting through various documents.
  • Limit the number of extraneous items you have on your desk. Having a family photo or plant may be a good way to personalize your office, but having too many knick knacks and other items can make your workspace messier and could appear unprofessional.
  • Take time to file any documents that have stacked up. If there are a great number of invoices, contracts, or other important files, it makes it easier to either create files or file paperwork by alphabetizing the documents prior to filing so you move through tasks quicker.
  • Keep items you use on a daily basis or need for current projects within reach. Other supplies should be put away or filed until you have use for them. Having a lot of extraneous paperwork on your desk or lying around your office will not help you get your work done. Clear your desk of these items and get them filed away.
  • Limit the amount of paper copies you generate. A lot of work these days can be completed digitally, so there is no reason to waste paper and needlessly clutter up the office by printing documents that do not require a hard copy to be printed.
  • Set up a schedule so that your office gets properly cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. No food or drink at your desk, or if you do eat while working, empty the trash nightly and tidy up before you go home. This will prevent strong odors and insects from making your office their new home. Keeping your office clean and disinfected can also help prevent the spread of germs and help keep you and your co-workers healthy.

Now that you know where everything is, where it goes, and how wonderful it feels to have an office free of clutter, set a time every week (or more frequently) to keep your office in order and to file paperwork. We are a local insurance agency that offers coverage to business owners here and throughout the state.

As all of the agents working in our office are local to the area, we can meet you at a time that is convenient to discuss your insurance needs, review your existing policies, and look for higher levels of coverage at lower cost. We take pride in providing business owners with policies that are tailor-made to their specific industry, and we look forward to doing the same for you. We work hard to find the coverage most suited to your needs that is affordable. Call to speak with one of our local agents today.

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